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A nightclub with an underground, yet exclusive feel. It is located inside what used to be a bank vault and designed with a Japanese themed. Very popular with younger foreigner, particularly international students (though minimum age is 21 for girls and 23 for guys). The entrance is 25$ during the week (with 1 drink) and 28$ during the weekend (with 2 drinks). Open from Wednesday to Saturday until 3/4am. The music is deep house, electro, tech-house and some minimal.
Boutique “bottle” nightclub with a house party concept. Same group as Bang Bang. Mostly for Singaporeans who prefer clubbing within their own. Open only on Friday and Saturday. Avoid if you are alone. The DJs play mostly clubbing anthems.
One of the newest nightclubs in Singapore, managed by the same group as Attica. It has a main room with hip hop and a smaller VIP room with EDM/open format. It is already quite popular, especially after it received the patronage of Selena Gomez. Their ladies night on Wednesday is very generous with free champagne, gifts and male gogo dancers. Open from Wednesday to Saturday until 6am (28$ entry with a drink).
A high-end bottle club located in a complex on Clarke Quay that targets Chinese clients. 30$ entry. Open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
You have two jazz bars in the heritage neighborhood Kampung Glam (near Arab street):
– The SingJazz Club in Sultan Hotel (also called Sultan Jazz Club) is open every day. It is a bit pricey and there is an entrance fee between 15$ and 25$ on most nights. They often have foreign musicians. Jam sessions on Sundays.
– On 3 floors, Blu Jaz Cafe has live jazz music occasionally, but also other genres such as hip hop and old school.
For non-maintream rock and alternative bands, you can visit Mad Men (also a cool rooftop with great parties), Hive by Wala (a popular, cheap place with local bands, sometimes playing covers), Crazy Elephants (classic rock and roll) or any branches of Timbre.
Mando-pop and canto-pop have a public in Singapore. The most famous venue for that is the popular cabaret/piano bar Shanghai Dolly near Clarke Quay (inside a much larger nightlife complex). The small and less glitzy Switch by Timbre is another option.
There are quite many pubs and sports bars in Singapore targeting expat communities. I listed the most famous by nationalities:
Boomerang Bar and Bistro has two locations on Boat Quay and Robertson Quay. It is the place for watching Australian sports (AFL, Super Rugby, NRL) and/or eat kangaroo burgers. Nearby, Mogambo, Bungy and Hero’s also feature those sports quite often.
The largest and most famous American-style bar is Brewerkz on Clarke Quay, which also happens to have a micro-brewery. They have NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, Nascar, etc. Smokey’s BBQ is further away but it is known to open early morning during special events like the Superbowl.
Molly Malone’s: Singapore’s first Irish pub since 1995. It was built in Ireland and then transported to Circular Road.
The Victorian Pub Penny Black belongs to the same group as Muddy Murphy’s. It is also a sports bar where you can watch English Premier League of course, but also English Football League Championship (EFL), League One, League Two, FA Cup, Cricket, etc.
The most famous German pubs in Singapore are the 4 outlets from Brotzeit.
French don’t really go to pub, but the closest thing to one would be Parisian-style bistros like O’Batignolles (affordable wine and cheese) or Le Carillon de l’Angelus.
You should always buy a bottle at a duty free shop in the airport, and drink a few glasses from it before heading out.
These are the famous cheap bars in Singapore (I’m linking to their Facebook where you’ll see the updated promotions):
Thai discos are relatively new in Singapore. The concept is to have live performance (singing, modeling and dancing) by Asian girls (most often Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese, but sometimes Koreans, Hong Kongese or Taiwanese in the most upmarket ones). The customers can buy a flower garland to the girl he likes to show his interest. In the cheapest places, 20$ is enough to get the girl to sit with you while in other, you’ll need to pay over 200$ just to get an introduction. Once the girl agrees to accompany you, you can buy her some drinks and enjoy her company. Some girls may end up sleeping with a customer, but it is not that common.
About 8% of Singapore’s population is from Indian descent. Some of them choose to party in specific nightclubs with hindi-pop or bollywood music. Bollywood Lah is the latest and most recommended. You can also go to Magic Carpet or Rupee.
The second most popular location for Singapore expats looking for prostitutes are the Orchard Towers.
The most famous bar in Orchard Tower. It is a smaller version of Brix with only Asian girls and cheaper prices. Lots of hot Vietnamese freelance girls. Live music. There are always some tourists as well.
Indonesian girls, quite many lady boys.
Indonesian girls, nice podium in the middle with amateur dancers. Friendly.
Closes at 6am/7am, considered the after-hour nightclub of Singapore, many Eastern European girls.

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