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The perfect city for a stag do. it’s perfectly safe unless you look for trouble. If you get smashed off your face in the UK you will get into trouble and this is the rule everywhere including riga so dont believe the bad reviews. The city is beautiful with plenty of history and beautiful buildings everywhere. loads of clubs and pubs, gorgeous women who out number the lads 4 to 1 as well.
Planned to spend two days in Riga – went to strip club, got drunk and they robbed me of passport and $8000 from credit card – avoid this city if you want to party. Took me 5 days to leave because I was without Canadian Visa. I went to the police and they basically lectured me and told me drinking was a “sin” – I’ll never return.
Hello, I am girl from Latvia and live in Uk. I agree we have some dabgeroys places and strip clubs are not the best thing to do. But why British tourists are such a idiots and acting like jurks? That is why a lot of people in Riga hate them ang they get in trobble and you know. you deserve it. You should respect place where you go!
Been here before and some friends with their families wanted me to come with them for a visit here. Thought it could be interesting to see if things had changed in last 7 years. Can say it have. But not in a good way. More organised criminality and so.
This can be a very dangerous city. Went to a place called Essential with two friends. I speak fluent Russian so it’s no problem getting around. However, I ordered two drinks and soon discovered they were charging foreigners 2x of what they charged locals. When I ran out of money I went to the security guard and asked where the ATM was. Just outside. When I returned I had to re-pay the entry and as soon as I stepped in two security guys grabbed me, threw me into a closet and took all $200. Avoid, especially if you’re a stag group which we weren’t.
Ive been and lived in Riga, met locals and even had a child to a local woman, but watch out. At the drop of a hat they can steal all your flat and stuff children and the local police will do nothing effective to help you. As for bars, if you get talking to a girl you get the bill at the end of the night for her “drinks and service” and you WILL be marched by the club heavy and the POLICE to the nearest ATM for them to legally empty your bank account! But if you get to know a local woman or family. beware.. they are good at doing that too! After all “its business!”
I will go to Riga in November and i wanted to know if it’s possible to get fun to party during the week or only the week end ? Thank you.
It’s a quite interesting place, which I believe will gain on one staying a bit longer, like a week or more. Me and my friend met these two girls (sisters) at a pub/cafe and invited them to join us along the evening. They were attractive, helpful and sincere. Since we wanted to experience some of the ‘true’ local culture they showed us around all night, and took us to places I doubt you will find on your regular tourist map – like underground bars etc.. They were so sweet, when we insisted on dropping by the ‘sky bar’ they told us they’ve gone up and down the elevators several times before but never dared to enter the bar itself, figuring it was perhaps only for the elite rich and loaded tourists which is of course ‘kinda’ true, but I mean c’mon! So we bought them two beers and shattered their prejudices like a thousand pieces of glass. Regarding Brandon from USA:s comment “As for the whole thing about girls coming up to people, taking them to clubs and ripping them off, that happens everywhere, you people heard of gold diggers? Just be nice to them but don’t follow them anywhere..” – You, my man, are a fairly confused individual who obviously have no clue what you’re mumbling about. ‘That happens everywhere’ Really!? I’ve been to most countries in Europe and that has NEVER happened to me, neither have I ever heard of any friend of mine it happened to. Don’t know what trash-holes you’ve been to but it makes you wonder. As for being ‘nice’ to them (the girls)- you gotta be kidding me! Hey man, ever heard of heard of like – THE LAW, ever heard of like ‘organized crime’? I suppose you’d like to ignore the one and encourage the other! Sick. I can’t imagine what a brutal experience that would be for the unsuspecting Joe, being set up and robbed like that(and sometime even beaten) Though I’m positive girls like that are FEW indeed, and definately not something you’ll bump into everywhere you go, thankfully. “ever heard of gold diggers?” **/ (you will hear much before your ears fall off) No, Riga is an old, interesting, pretty modern & aspiring city with a lot of personal character, if you ask me. If you go there – go in faith. Cheers.
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