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Prostitute in Singaraja Woman
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“If one girl complains (to the police), she’s your girlfriend. If a second one complains, you’re in trouble.”
“So how do you stop that happening?” I ask.
“You brainwash them… by just talking. Just saying what they can do with all that money.”
“So you’re selling a dream to these women?”
He laughs. A sinister, mean sort of laugh. I’m not warming to him any more. I ask him whether he feels guilty about what he’s doing.
“No. I don’t force anyone. When a girl comes from a big family, the father drinks, beats the mother.
“You’re poor, you want to escape from this life. Then you choose the most efficient work to do.”
We spent hours driving around in his car talking. As we did, it became clear, he was describing his own life as well.
As much as a third of Western prostitution workers are Romanian.
On April 22nd, 2015, Bucharest hosted, at the Parliament building, the international conference “Politicians and Civil Society against human trafficking”. The event participants on behalf of Western European civil society organizations warned that legalizing prostitution has made impossible to combat human trafficking. They also said that no more than 10% of sex workers are doing this on their own free will, stressing that this idea is an ideological assumption of the sex liberation movement and it is simply not true. They also announced statistics according to which as much as a third of sex workers in big Western cities are Romanian. Here is a presentation made by an organization who wished to remain anonymous in order not to compromise its reaching-out mission.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Our organization is an initiative for people in prostitution, in a capital in Western Europe.
I want to start with a quote. It is taken from the book Paid for by Rachel Moran, a former prostitution and now journalist:
Women in prostitution do not wake up one morning and choose prostitution. It is chosen for them by poverty, social disadvantages, past sexual abuse and pimps, loverboys who take advantage of their vulnerabilities and the men who buy them for sex of prostitution.
Our organization does streetwork, goes indoor to bars, nightclubs, brothels and studios. Every week we meet between 60 and 80 and sometimes even more women and also some men who are working in prostitution. Just before Easter we had extra outreaches and met about 768 persons in two weeks, 266 of them were from Romania, which makes 34%. Our estimation is that only around 30% of them have a Roma-background. These numbers from our Easter outreach confirm our previous observation that around one third of the women working in prostitution are from your country, Romania, and most of them are between the ages of 18 and 25.
We have a drop-in center and offer counseling and psycho-social assistance. We refer those who do not have any health insurance to medical care and we offer German classes. Our focus is to support the ones who want to leave prostitution as well as to rescue the ones who are victims of human trafficking. We network with two shelters in Vienna and with shelters in different countries of origin. We do public relations and work in prevention. The NGO is part of an EU-Civil Society Plattform against Trafficking in Human Beings and is also member of a Platform against human trafficking in our country.
We do lobby work and want to be a voice for the voiceless. Over the past years we have done a lot of research with the focus of gaining a better understanding of the people working in prostitution.
There are many cases where it is very clear that we deal with human trafficking – but the grey zone is much bigger and there are many cases that are not very obvious at first sight.
“Why does she stay with him?” This question we are asking ourselves over and over again. One day I walked over to Lavinia after having witnessed many times how awful the man who watched her day and night treated her. She had to work nearly the whole day, it didn?t matter whether it was raining or snowing, often she wasn?t even allowed to take a break for eating or smoking. I told her directly: “This guy is your pimp!” I will never forget the sad look in her eyes when she answered: “Yes, but I first gave him permission!” They have two children together and he forced her into prostitution by threatening to kidnap their daughter and to then leave her abandoned on the streets. At home in Romania he has his official family, wife and children. Fortunately, Lavinia was able to escape later and the police from our country and Romania worked together and could even rescue her daughter.
Another girl, Roxana, told us, that her parents never liked her boyfriend. They started their relationship when she was 17. At the day of her 18 th birthday he brought her to Western Europe. He had prepared everything and from then on she had to work on the streets. “Every evening I cry,” she told us,” I only do this job, so that we can buy a house in Romania one day. His brothers are bad, they offend their girl-friends when they don?t earn enough money, but he is so nice.”

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