Of carbs in sperm


Of carbs in sperm
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Also concubine are more like a mistress of a man. Not working in the prostitution service.
Prostitution is legal in your home town of Hong Kong. In fact I’d say HK is about the easiest place to get laid that i’ve ever been to. How about you worry about that first.
uh…I doubt you even know where’s Hong kong or been to hong kong, or ever met a hong kong person in real life. Nice try. You are really ignorant.
No such thing as legal prostitute establishment or brothel in Hong kong. It’s illegal and Hk police occasionally raid any places that’s suspicious of being a brothel.
I am sure they have plenty underground hooker services like you contact someone to set it up or something,but if caught they go to jail.
Are you kidding? If you really are from Hong Kong then you need to learn about your place’s laws.
Honestly, you don’t know about 141 girls? I don’t believe it.
The place is full of them.
at least geisha’s had style and talent.
that’s not really accurate.
even in germany, holand and many others UE countries is legal.. still i don’t see this places as degraded.
They’re not justified if they’re spreading disease, but I suppose I’m ok if they use protection. But chances are, if they’re poor they can’t afford protection.
How should these older women get food then? I honestly can’t think of a solution for them 🙁
Oh please lonetrey, no one died of starvation in countries like japan or korea or usa. No excuses for that. I bet the men using prostitutes are husbands too. They are stupid men.
Very true, if there were no demand there I don’t think the development of “coffee ladies” would’ve ever been started.
Go slither back to the depths of the Kowloon Walled City sewage runoff that your parents conceived you in.
That’s got to be the most specific, dulcet insult I’ve heard all week!
I think you should consult with harvz when crafting your next insult.
If I were in junior high school I’d feel really bad about myself right now.
You want me to give you something hardcore? You can handle it? I don’t want to make you cry like a _________. Feel free to fill in the blank yourself.
Hmmm, let me think for a sec. Let’s go with “cunt.”
That works on many levels.
You get one too.
There is what they call the national pension plan, where all income earners must pay 4.5% of their income on each pay date. The problem is, the plan is too new. They came to being in 1988 – not enough time for these old people to pay into the system, therefore entitled to enough benefits to survive on. But there are other welfare schemes that help the elderly, like the free government subsidies in housing and transportation, and the old age pension handouts. But I guess they are still not enough.
Then why waste money on free meals for school kids, and hundreds of fragmented multicultural programs to help immigrants that are just wasteful? Use all that money that goes to waste, to help the old people instead.
Korean families are really deteriorating from tradition .. my halmoni had 9 kids so I come from a big family, my mom had 4 .. I thought kids were the insurance policy out of poverty because they usually live with their children when they get older .. sad ..
I thought it’s common that koreans the three generations all live together like grandparents, parents, and kids. Or at least very close by and close contact and take care of each other. That’s the common way with Chinese. Something went wrong?
the whole family can fit in coffin homes?
I forgot to bust your chop for calling me ugly in Japancrush.
LOL who’s being a troll?
I don’t think free meals for low income kids is a waste and Korea NEEDS multicultural programs, immigrants are growing fast in the country and they need support too. They still face a lot of racism and their children are outcasted (Mine wasn’t, but that was only because I’m western, white, and my husband was Korean but if I’d been vietnamese or something like most foreign wives are, it would of been a different story). Though at the same time, Korea needs to have more of a safety net for certain demographics in the population i.e elderly people, orphans, single mothers. It’s complicated…
But there are multicultural programs support and benefits for multicultural families in Korea. This is sparking resentment against them by Koreans that don’t get any. There is no doubt racism and xenophobia thats prevalent in Korean culture but you have to remember this is really the first generation of multicultural families living and growing up in Korean society and only have Korean citizenship. Most mixed kids I knew are military brats and didn’t go outside the base.. when these marginalized groups become empowered and have political clout is when they will be accepted in Korean society ..
Dan, you are SO NICE. 🙂
(1) Prostitution for a living, not for brand name bags or by human tracfficking–a phenomenon showing financual straits facing a growing aging demographics. The underlying focus of the posting is on the elderly in poverty and prostituion presumably from economic hardship.

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