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Studies of punters find that they enjoy the lack of emotional involvement, and see the women as commodities. One punter said:
“Prostitution treats women as objects and not human beings.”
The punters often voiced aggression towards women, and were nearly eight times as likely as non-punters to say they’d rape if they could get away with it. Asked why he bought sex, one man said he liked “to beat women up.”
Punters commit more crimes of every kind than non-punters, and commit every kind of violence against women.
Let’s think about this for a minute. We saw earlier that prostitution involves sex with a woman who doesn’t actually want it. Isn’t that the essence of rape? Does paying actually change that? … Is it any wonder then that prostitution buying makes men more likely to rape?
The results of the punter studies are borne out by studies that start by looking at violent men. For example, here is a chart that shows the relative significance of different factors in the lives of rapists. The bigger the circle, the more important the factor is.
Not surprisingly, “transactional sex,” i.e. prostitution buying, (which is highlighted in yellow) is the second-biggest factor and it dwarfs things like men having been victims of childhood abuse.
The results for men who are violent to their partners were similar.
As we can see, this shows a very high correlation between purchasing sex and raping women – so it suggests that prostitution buying itself makes men more violent.
There are generally few consequences for punters. But occasionally men in the public eye are exposed. Here are a few of them. They include senior politicians, financiers, celebrities and sportsmen. These are the types of men who have power, who control our culture and laws. So perhaps it’s not surprising that prostitution is normalised, trivialised and glamorised, everywhere.
The second article in this two-part series is called Prostitution Policy and Law: What are the Options? and looks at legal and policy options and why the Nordic Model is the human rights and equality-based approach. The two articles are also available as a downloadable presentation (slideshow).
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Vice’s Angels: Notable Harlots in San Francisco History.
San Francisco has always loved its prostitutes–or in today’s parlance, sex workers. But the relationship between the world’s oldest profession and our city’s development is a complicated one. Over the last century, law enforcement has grown increasingly hostile to the sex trade, but when the Gold Rush hit San Francisco in 1849, the nation’s first laws against prostitution were still a half-century away. Public attitudes toward the practice were nothing like those of today; to the contrary, prostitutes in San Francisco were highly valued .
It was largely a matter of numbers: women were in terribly short supply in mid-19th century San Francisco. By some estimates men outnumbered them by a ratio of 70-1, making female company the most treasured commodity in the city. In fact, the majority of women living here at the time were prostitutes of one sort or another, and there was little stigma attached to the buying and selling of sex. In the distorted atmosphere of Gold Rush San Francisco, a place flush with money but nearly empty of female residents, it wasn’t unusual for a husband to offer his wife’s company to a wealthier man for the night as a way to advance his interests. Though it’s hard to imagine going full Eskimo today, you must admit that’s pretty hospitable.
This isn’t to take anything away from the grim conditions endured by many of the city’s working women. “Crib girls,” women who worked in narrow stalls that lined certain alleyways, had it particularly bad, some entertaining as many as 80 or 100 customers in a single day. (Maiden Lane was one of those alleyways, its name an unintentional tribute to a time when it reigned as the city’s most racially diverse assemblage of prostitutes.) Syphilis was widespread, and the hazards and rigors of the job generally made for a short, unhappy lifespan.
On the other side of the coin, “white” women of the time (a designation generally reserved for Americans of Western European descent) were free to open parlor houses in the Tenderloin district. These were larger, more respectable brothels catering, naturally, to a more moneyed clientele. Some of these houses were luxury affairs, replete with all of the finery of San Francisco’s wealthiest homes. Parlor houses operated by celebrated madams such as Belle Cora played host to many of the city’s most prominent businessmen and politicos of the time, and were an integral part of the young city’s nascent social fabric.
By some reports the first Chinese prostitute in San Francisco, Ah Toy arrived here from Hong Kong in 1849. A tall, winsome Cantonese girl, she was widowed on the voyage to America, and took up with the ship’s captain out of necessity. Enamored, the seaman plied her with gifts, and by the time she disembarked she had already amassed a small fortune.

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