Hustler penthouse pix


Hustler penthouse pix
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Stupid, stupid Brits. 🙂
I have never been to an Eastern European country that: a) did not have masses of beautiful women b) was short on thugs keen only on your cash c) a short respect for life in general Decades and even centuries of hardship. The cold seeps into the heart, survival of the fittest prevails. My honest to goodness advice? Stay away from situations involving alcohol, vice, and stick to the tours. boring yes to a degree, but if you want to party, do it in safe cities where the majority of the men don’t have calluses on their knuckles from their hands dragging on the ground as they walk.
I have got a transaction overview from DNB bank about an incidente from my weekendtrip to Riga: From card: 4925055001453941 Acceptorname: BRILLIANT-NAKTS KLUBS RIGA All in local valuta. 2012-02-11 02:05:10 250,00 LV Acceptet transaction 2012-02-11 02:54:25 1075,70 LV Accepted transaction 2012-02-11 03:27:44 795,80 LV Accepted transaction 2012-02-11 04:08:16 772,80 LV Not accepted transaction (not enough at account) 2012-02-11 04:09:41 700,00 LV Not accepted transaction (not enough at account) 2012-02-11 04:10:18 600,00 LV Accepted transaction I was not consciously after two friendly people from Donagans pub visited my hotelroom until I woke up at the middle of the day with my Visa-card intact at the room. I found it was a problem when I tried to withdraw money the same day. They must be proud. Managed to empty my account for about 3500 EUR and are now at Googles top list of fraud/robber/scam-factories.
Me and my mate went to riga last weekend and I must say I feel in love with the place. Great clubs and party life. the bars were clean and the staff and guest were friedly in all places we were at. We came on a friday and left on the monday filght home. I never had so much fun in my life. We went the whole shabam cola++. It wasnt hard to get want you want. I just had a friendly chat with the owner of the club and it was fixed. the lockal are friendly as long as you treat them with respect, Ive had worse exsperiences in scottland were you cant even say hello to a chick with out her going off her head and telling you to f off Friday night was heaps of fun, started at some local pubs and ended up at some club were we fixed us some chicks and 2g off the 70`s the chick showed us around the town and different clubs and well they were outgoing and wasnt hard at all to bring them back to the hotel when the night rang out. Saturday was a ball sleeped some hours and went to get breakfast in the old town in clasic fashion, double egg and bacon and a pint. at the time there was a lot off sweidish MC meting in town so we ended up have the best pub crawl ever! Later that night we wanted to taste some of the local food and heard of a place called Ludo or something. Ended up meting some russian guy that show us the way and in good old norwegian fashion invited hin in with us. We had found us a local guide and offcourse we had heard about these but we went along anyway. Too the next pub we said and ended up in this bar in a celler. Wasnt many people there just the bar tenders and a chick with a 12 year old. I stared to talk to her and she was realy friendly. The funny thing was, thursday before we left to riga we went out on town. My mate got realy wasted and ended up triping over into a rubish bin wich made a cut under his eye. So we were at this bar with this russian girl that I was chatting to when she turns to my mate and says.. the look on my mate face and then he loses it in laughter and was laughing so hard that i nearly feel off the barstool. This chick is sitting there not undersanding a thing! Well one thing you should know and some of these girls, there not so good at english and we had just realised she had ment Hey how you! classic. This russian guy then took us along way out of town to this other bar with a grandmother behinde the counter and to huge russian guy at a tabel. Here we new that it wasnt going to end well when the russian guts moved the table over to us and the grandmother came with a plate of food. My mate went out to take a smoke where he meet a guy on the outside that said we should leave and that the guy on the insiden were trouble so we walked out of there very fast after making some excuse. We made our way up the street and junped into the nearest taxi that drove us to the old town and ended up at the say club from the night before. when we came in the owner starts laughing and asked us if we had fun last night. Well we where well accepted in and took us some drinks together and asked if they could get something better 30 min later come back and said is is what the turist dont get and a little warning take it easy! ended up the bomb.. Went from there to studio 69 and not long after we were sitting there with girl on each lap and haveing a goodtime. Well the night ended up at the hotel room with these hotties too. 2 nights two girls and two telephone numbers. Good shit! these girls are hot,hot,hot Im telling you. I have never seen a so large concentration of beautiful women in one city. My advice to everyone going to riga is show respect, be friendly and have a good time. Sure turist pay more but it cost what it cost and nothings for free. Not the girls not the company but in the end the girls are just out looking for a goodtime and if that means buying them drinks all night so be it. As I say dont act like The Big Man if you cant afford it. And i can honestly say we used about there average monthly wage every nigh that weekend and I have no regrets. Best time Ive ever had and am already planing to go back in a though months 🙂 Enjoy Riga!!

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