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I'm going to answer this now before skimming, because this is a fucking fantastic question.
In the state I live, laws in regards to brothel work are incredibly strict. The authority that runs the whole show (PLA) regularly walks into brothels and checks the operation and that it's being run according to law.
Example; One of my former employers/licencees was fined "42 points" just for having more than 8 girls on one shift at a time. As I've been told, that's a pretty massive cash value.
I have noticed, though, that certain nationalities will work harder and longer than native aussie girls (asian). This isn't out of a slavery situation in my state, but rather a culture thing. Asian culture demands hard work for a lot of reward and it translates through even to sex work.
So as far as I know there is no brothel slavery going on in the legal brothels. What I can't tell you though, is whether the sexual slavery is at home, for example, the husband or partner sends a girl to work and expects her money to go straight to him when she gets home.
As for trafficking, I've only ever heard of it happening in third-world countries, and I have NEVER met a woman or girl that's experienced that kind of hell in this industry.
What I'm going to do though, is next time I'm at work I'll get a picture of the sexual slavery act that legal brothels abide by. So watch this space.
Out of curiosity, what were her arguments and proof?
Do you have a "pimp"? What are the consequences of breaking the contract?
"Pimping" is illegal as fuck where I live, as is solicitation for prostitution. Basically, at most of the places I've worked so far, the only thing proving you exist is a small profile stating your physical stats on the website. Extras are not discussed until you're in the room with a client either.
The consequences basically boil down to legal action and termination of employment, depending on the severity of the infraction.
Do you do anal and do you swallow?
Yes and absolutely not at work.
Sex or oral without protection in australia is absolutely, 100% illegal in an industry context.
Even aside from that, you couldn't offer me enough money in the world to let a random stranger possibly infect me with an STI. I could be a billionaire, but what use is all that money if I'm going to die of AIDS? That's the way I see it, at least. :P.
However, in my private life, yes, I do.
What's the youngest/oldest client you've ever had?
Youngest; 18, fresh off his birthday party.
Oldest; 94. We didn't have much sex.
Do you kiss your clients on the mouth? I ask b/c stereotypically, prostitutes don't so I was wondering if there was any truth to that?
Sure do. It'll cost you though.
Anywhere from 50-150 dollars depending on the girl and exactly how much tongue you want to shove down her throat.
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