Girl Sex in As Suwayda Girls


Girl Sex in As Suwayda Girls
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There was also a nice restaurant down stairs with a buffet lunch. The food was ok but we didnt like the taste of the sandwiches we ordered as they saturated the bread in margarine.
Overall this hotel was fantastic. Its cheaper then the Kivi Milimani with far more facilities and lovely staff..
Ghafla Expose: Meet This Dandora Pastor Who Prays for PROSTITUTES to get Clients. His Church and How he Exactly Carries Out His Activities. This Will Shock You to the Very Last Bone!
How about a break from the 310 sensationals and an entry into a murky world where you get to be PRAYED for,by a Man of God,to succeed in your chosen career as a prostitute? Sounds progressive right? Right. Because that’s exactly what’s happening in some rundown church in Dandora as we speak right now.
As if the Kanyari 310 theatrics weren’t already abhorrent enough,as if the Pastor Nganga hit and run incidences weren’t already depressing enough and as if the Pastor Deya child-trafficking syndicates weren’t repulsive enough,we now have another Man of God whose primary business is to ‘pray’ for desperate ‘Church’ women in order for them to have a successful life as prostitutes. And attract even more clients in their nocturnal commercial trade.
Back in the day,when God was still God and when an afternoon Bible study meant just that,people actually did have actual stuff to be prayed for over. Women would petition God over their errant husbands and kids. And men would make supplication for the general home and society. But those days are long gone. It’s 2016 now. And people have to survive.
Early last week,someone tipped us off about some Man of God in Dandora who had set up a Church in which more sin would happen than in a typical Las Vegas stripper joint.
We were told that Pastor John Muraya who runs the Glory to God ministries is also a man who runs the careers of many a Luthuli Avenue prostitutes and that he specifically prays for these women so that they can have wonderful business and attract more men when they hit the streets at night, prowling,for a man of sex.
We were also given the phone number of one of the women who attends that Church regularly and is also an avowed adherent of the Pastor and also one of the Church’s most accomplished prostitutes. And true to those claims, the woman actually is a prostitute and she goes to be prayed for in the said church. Listen to her here:
In the email sent to us,our source also told us that the female flock of that Church frequents Salama Hotel along Luthuli Avenue,right opposite Kenya Archives and that they have rooms from where they converge to prostitute themselves after a good,jolly service at Pastor Muraya’s Church.
My editor and I then decided to pay the Salama Hotel a visit. And as we walked in,it looked more like a place that houses broke alcoholic retirees than a brothel. And sure,we did meet some bunch of chaps who did look like broke,alcoholic retirees swigging on some lonely beer bottle,engaged in low,boring chatter.
We sat at the hotel section and hollered at a waitress who looked every inch bored of her job and in a dire desire to quit and have a vacation. She dragged herself over,looking tired and sleepy and uninspired.
I launched straight to the business.
Feigning a Coastal Swahili accent,I asked,’Sisi ni wageni hapa Nairobi. Hii jiji kubwa kweli. Tumeambiwa hapa ndipo tutawapata wasichana wa kujiburudiaha nao. Si unaelewa? Wale wasichana wa usiku wale. Tunataka kila mtu wake. Tumetoka Pwani na hapa Nairobi kweli tunaona mna raha. Tumeambiwa hapa Kuna wasichana wa kulipa. Kweli wako ama washaatoka? ‘
The waitress gets surprised and confused. She normally doesn’t take orders involving prostitutes and commercial sex. She’s used to serving tea,it seems.
‘ Hmmm hakuna wasichana kama hao hapa, ‘ she says,sounding dead convincing.’ Sio hapa… Hii ni Hoteli… Mimi sijasikia wasichana kama hao… ‘
She leaves. And then comes back less than three minutes later.
‘Poleni,’ she starts,smiling awkwardly. ‘Unajua sijakaa hapa sana. Anyway,wako. Tumeambiwa wako. Kujeni niwaonyeshe…’
We followed up the waitress to the reception and the lady at the reception asks us to sit at the old-fashioned chairs and wait. Wait takes forever.
Finally,someone comes to pick us up. And we are taken to the third floor of Salama Hotel.
We walk over and knock. The door opened to a room reeking of cheap perfume,stale odors,a concoction of Nice and Lovely lotions and fetid liquor.
A lightskinned girl stood at the door and said, ‘Mmoja tu… Siwezi hudumia wawili…’.
Irari (the Editor) and I debate on who gets to go first. Or go at all.
The girl,with a cheap,old weave and a little white top looks uneasy.
Her whole body has been unevenly bleached leaving ugly patches that make her look like a vitiligo survivor. She has little blue sandals and the room is sort of tidy and a bed that looks like it has been freshly made and a tired,emaciated pillow struggling to bedeck the upper part of the old 4×4 bed.

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