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Bassett hound sex position video
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Pan*…..Steel band, invented in Trinidad in the 1930’s, melodic percussion instruments made out of oil drums. One hundred piece steel orchestras compete playing classical, soca, pop during Carnival.
Pahtnah…..(Partner, Padna) Trini for “homeboy” used by older Trini males.
Etymology: Trinidadian dialect, from the East-West corridor vernacular; akin to Middle english ‘wander’
1. palancing (verb) – to wander in pursuit of a lime.
2. palancing (verb) – general term refers to the action of aimlessly wandering anywhere.
3. palancing (noun) – name of popular song by Jason Williams and Blaze in the Trinidad.
Papa yooo! …..Exclamation of surprise.
Parang… played during Christmas time. Parang has a lot of Spanish influences.
Piarco…..The international airport in Trinidad.
Picker…..thorns e.g. “Doh touch dat rose bush. It have rel pickers.”
Picong… insult in a jesting manner.
Pissin’ tail…..A person of no class or importance.
Plann-asse…..To hit someone continuously with the flat part of a.
Playin’ social…..Someone who pretends to be of a higher social strata than they are.
Pong…..Pound, to have sex with / pound e.g. “Gih meh two pongs of tomatoes dey tantie.”
Po-po…..Very small child, baby.
Port of Spain…..Capitol city of Trinidad and Tobago, located in northwest Trinidad.
Pot hound / pot hong…..a mixed dog; sometimes used as an insult e.g. yuh lazy pothound!
Prim-prim…..Disgustingly proper and formal.
Punannie…. A sweeet vagina.
Quenk…..An irritating person.
Qualey…..Withered, dried up.
Raff…..To grab suddenly.
Raise…..A gift of cash to a friend or relative.
Ram-cram…..Packed to capacity.
Reds…..a light skinned person of mixed or African descent.
Rel…..Trini pronunciation Real.
Road March…..Kind of Trinidad’s song of the year, or best song of Carnival. As the costume bands cross the stage in the Queen’s Park Savannah, the song that most bands dance to is declared Road March for the year, and wins a large cash prize.
Roti…..East Indian dish made with flat baked dough resembling a tortilla filled with curried beef, chicken, goat, shrimp or other meat with potatoes, onions, tomato and spices.
Rumfle…..Ruffled or wrinkled.
Saga boy/girl…..Flashy dresser, dandy.
Shif’ yuh carcass…..Move over, get going.
Shub…..Shove, move or cast aside.
Schupid…..Trini pronunciation (Chupid) Stupid also Schupidness.
Schupidee…..(Chupidee) Stupid person.
Screw up yuh face… make a strange expression, usually when angry or in disagreement of something e.g. “Look how she screwin up she face nah!”
Shyyt…. this is how de ole people used to say shit.
Soca…..Soul-Calypso, the modern version of calypso music. Hardcore political satire, scandals, sexual double entendre and comedy, wrapped up in dance music with an African beat and heavy baseline.
Soucouyant…..from old ghost stories, an old woman who turns herself into a ball of fire and suck’s people’s blood.
Stickin’ …..when a person or group keeps back progress on something important. eg. Man u real stickin , hurry up !
Skin up yuh nose…..To turn up one’s nose at anything.
Sweet too bad…..really nice, pleasant, attractive e.g. “Dred, dat gyul eh play she sweet too bad!”
Sweet drink…..term used for soft drink, soda, pop.
Sweetie…..Any confectionary Sweee-drink….soft drink/soda or a gesture nickname like babes or darling.
Swell up yuh face…..To look angry, to pout.
Tabanca…..The forlorn feeling one gets when a love affair is over.
Teef…..Trini pronunciation Thief.
Tent*…..A calypso or soca concert featuring 20 singers and comedians. Started in the 1800’s in large military tents, now held in concert halls or stadiums.
The sun makin’ hott…….the atmosphere is hot.
Tick…..Trini pronunciation (Thick) Overweight as in “He not ral fat, he slim-tick!”
Tight…..Intoxicated, drunk, stoned.
Titty-vay…..(Titivate) To waste time or stir up trouble.
TNT*…..Trinidad and Tobago, twin island nation six miles off the coast of Venezuela, South America.
To besides…..Besides which.
Too-bay-go….. Trini pronunciation (Tobago)
Too-nee…..(tuni) Female genitalia, also poom-poom, tun tun, powder puff, scizzors and nan.
Too-tool-bay…..A confused state,in a daze, also head over heels in love.
Tong… e.g. “I went to tong today.” or Thong – Ladies underware.
Tot tots…..Female breasts.
Toh-ty…..(Toti) Also ToTo Male genitalia.
Tree-nee…..Trini pronunciation (Trini) anything or anyone Trinidadian.
Tree-nee-daad…..Trini pronunciation (Trinidad)
Trinbago…..Short for Trinidad and Tobago.
True…..Trini pronunciation (Through). A common query from a sales clerk is “Are you getting true?”, meaning, “Are you getting through” (finding what you want).

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