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The two will have dinner together, go travelling together, and act just like two people in a normal relationship. Nonetheless, the girl chose to enter a profession in which she offers sexual services for money,
Can such relationships work out? Every man who has written to me about his bar girl girlfriend tells me that his particular girl is different to the rest and that she hates what she does for a living.
Sometimes it can work out. A Thai girl might sell her body because she, or her family, have serious financial difficulties and this is the only option she has. She might jump at the chance to have a relationship with a foreigner who will take care of her.
On the other hand, some of the girls are quite mercenary and only ever think of money. Some are honest and will tell a man that if he can match what she can earn as a prostitute she will stop working.
Others will accept money from foreign men and tell the men they have stopped working, but will continue working.
There’s no easy answer and a third party know anything about the girl. It’s a case of following your instincts and gut feelings after getting to know the girl better.
If you have serious doubts or if you find that you just can’t trust her, I would advise just ending the relationship. I honestly wouldn’t waste money on trying to find out what she is really up to. If you start thinking along these lines it means that your instincts aren’t good. That being the case, just end it and spare yourself any emotional and, quite possibly, financial damage.
Stop Sex Trafficking.
Let Us Fight to End Women Trafficking In Burma.
The Recruitment And The Life In A Brothel.
In order to understand the business of sex trafficking, one should be able to understand the recruitment procedure. The Burmese girls who are trafficked are forced to become prostitute and to work in a submissive and humiliating environment. From the moment a girl has been recruited, she immediately becomes a sex slaves. According to the human trafficking website, trafficking is illegal and is a violation of human rights; however, most countries where the girls are trafficked do not do anything to stop the flow of young girls in the local brothels, since, most of the times, the officials are involved in the business.
Burma shares its borders with China, Bangladesh, Laos, Thailand and India. The villages around the borders are the places where most trafficking activities take place. For the trafficking in Thailand, the most important towns are Mae, in the northwest of Thailand; Mae Sot and Ranong, which is a town in southern Thailand. The latter is the one of the cities with the highest rate of human trafficking, specially, the trafficking of Burmese women. In the North, around the borders closed to China, there is another town called Ruili, which is ten miles from Burma’s borders, where trafficking and drugs deals take place. In this little town there are millions of Burmese who had crossed the borders who work in brothel to serve the needs of Chinese. Some of them are recruited by wife brokers to marry Chinese men. Now, the question is: How did the girls get there?
Recruiting girls to become sex slaves happens a lot in villages and rural counties in Burma where the minorities live; those neighborhoods are most affected by the economic crisis. The desire to escape poverty and to bring a better life to their family has caused most of young girls to become prostitute and to be detained by the recruiter. However, the technique used by the recruiters to push the girls into this path is really well planned. Most traffickers approach the poor families in those villages, telling them about the jobs opportunities available in the neighboring countries. They lure them into believing that the girls could work as maid, as waitress, as cook or any other jobs that require few skills. Most of the girls tend to be recruited by someone they know, he could be a teacher or a family member working for a big agent. Sometimes, their own parents sell them to become prostitute. Also, some girls who have been absent for while, usually return to the village to tell the other village girls how much money they are earning by working in a big city. Those girls are no longer simple prostitutes; they have become recruiters such as the other pimps. However, the awful truth in the story is the fact that ninety-eight percent of the Burmese girls, who are working in brothel, in Thailand or China, did not know what was waiting for them once they have crossed the border.
The recruiters usually give money to their families. It could be an amount of money ranged between $40 and $800. Once they end the money to the girls’ families, the girls become theirs and in those cases, there is no turning back for those girls who enter an unknown world. Once the girls are in the hands of the master, they are object to sexual abuse and other type of violence. However, rape is uncommon because the price for a virgin girl is super high. In China, when Chinese men pay a bride broker to find him a woman, he expects the bride to be young and also a virgin. Due to the lack of women in China because of the one child policy, the demands for women abroad has become high, and young Burmese girls are often taken to work in brothel in china or as a future wife for a Chinese man. That is why most recruiters avoid raping any young girls to protect their purity and augment their price value.

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